The end

So here we are, I have reached the final day of my blog-a-day-for-a-year challenge. It is crazy and was of course always going to happen. To everyone who has read the blog and who has even signed up to follow it, thank you very much! Although I never set out with high readership volume as my goal (thankfully!) it’s nice to know that at least one person reads every day (hi mum).

I can’t say I’m 100%  sad the challenge is ending, but there is sadness as at the end of any relationship even if it’s been slightly tempestuous and not always good for you. I can definitely look back and know that I’ve changed since this time last year, not only have circumstances within my life altered but I think (or hope?) I have become more aware of my work and what I want to be doing. I still don’t know entirely where I’m looking to go and how I should be developing things, but I think what I certainly do know is how to analyse my work more carefully. To scrutinise what I want.

So if anything this blog has given me a focus, even if at times it has detracted from the work I really should have been focussing on. I have a clearer idea of where I want to take my blogging in the future, and how I want to manage that (not doing one every day is a good start!)

I’m going to take a brief time away from blogging for a while (or at least from incessantly blogging), but I hope to launch a new site in the not too distant future. I also hope that those of who who’ve followed me on here will migrate with me and follow me over on my new site (once I set it all up and let you know the name!)

Why a new site? Well, I sort of feel I’ve exhausted and perhaps outgrown this one now, this was more of a blogging testing ground for me. I’ve established I do like blogging, but I’ve realised that I’d like my blogging output to have more of a focus. This new site will primarily be focusing on my creative endeavours and my attempts to ‘make it’ as a freelancer. I am also currently trying my hardest to come up with a way I can incorporate baking into this blog…a theatre/film/tv making and cake baking blog – that’ll work right???

So, thanks again for sticking with me through the year. I know lots of people update their blog daily, so it may not be the biggest deal in the world but it’s a big deal for me. It was a fairly large task I set myself and I completed it. Perhaps it has inspired you to set yourself a task? As for me, my mission is accomplished. Over and out.


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